Cardio Barre @ Frame Kings X

I love a gym class but the hefty prices in London are extremely off-putting. To my delight, earlier this week I received an email with a voucher entitling me to book any class at Frame half price! I jumped on this and booked ‘Cardio Barre’, a fairly new addition to their timetable which usually costs £13 (beyond what I would ever be willing to pay for an exercise class).

I’ve been to Frame before (using an introductory offer) and the Kings X branch is really convenient for a post work work-out (I’m based in Camden). The staff are great – smiley and welcoming; amazing! I awkwardly mooched around the reception area whilst waiting for my class and perused the eye-wateringly expensive gym gear (Lululemon, I’m talking to you!)

Our instructor was one of the most positive, energetic and enthusiastic people I’ve ever come across – which was lovely but perhaps a tad too much for Wednesday evening after a long day in the office, although maybe I should just liven up!

The class uses traditional ballet moves alongside lots of plank work and toning exercises – with the view of creating long and lean limbs. There was some quirky equipment to try and get to grips with (e.g. sliders) and you definitely have to concentrate to make sure you are facing the same way as the rest of the class!

I have to admit I didn’t feel like I was working myself particularly hard during the class and the 45 minutes seemed to fly by (there was a bit of faffing with mats and letting in latecomers at the beginning which was a little bit annoying). BOY, WAS I WRONG! I woke up the next day in agony! My back, legs, arms and stomach were so sore! I hadn’t had a work out like that in a long time (recently I’ve been more of a runner) so that probably explains it! In hindsight, I think I pushed myself a lot harder than I thought I did at the time – which is great!

I would love to keep up this class but the price is too steep for me. Although I would encourage anyone who can to give it a go! Just when I was going to get back to the running I received another email (great targeted marketing, Frame!) offering me 4 barre classes for £40! I do love a bargain…



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